Nyx Lip Cream vs Cheap Dealz Lip Cream

Since liquid lipsticks are all the rage now  I decided what better to do than write a comparison to one cheap discount store liquid  lip and one more pricey branded liquid lip. The Nyx lip that I have chosen costs around €7.75 in  most Boots or Superdrug and the cheap lip I bought cost €1.50 in Dealz.


Firstly one of the main things that l look for in a lipstick is the application of it and how easy it is to apply. I found that the Nyx was SUPER easy  to apply  and had a really pretty smooth matte finish, but the cheaper Dealz version however was definitely not as  easy. It has a very sticky texture when you apply it and I find that it leaves little lumps on your lips…definitely not what I look for in a lip product anyway!IMG_0114

Next the colour. To be honest I loved both the colour’s of these lipsticks so its just a shame that the cheaper Dealz one isn’t as easy to apply and so I probably wont wear it as much. The nyx lip is very vibrant and bright with a really lovely matte finish compared to the cheaper dealz  lip which  is very subtle and pale with a very pretty shine. Honestly I think the  colour preference really depends on what you prefer whether that is bright and colourful or a more subtle pale colour.



And the finished products are…

So to finish I think that if you have a special occasion or party to go to I think spending a little extra on the Nyx lipstick is definitely the better choice but if you want a lipstick for everyday use then the cheaper Dealz one is the one to go for !


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