Summer Fruit Tea Pops

During summer on those very hot sunny days,  it’s always nice to have a refreshing treat to cool down with.These ice pops are perfect for that!And as a bonus, they count as one of your five a day!

        what you need.

  • ice pop moulds
  • frozen berries and fruit of your choice
  • water
  • herbal teas of your choice


To make these ice pops its best to leave them overnight to freeze so as they set properly.

1.Firstly for the liquid base, measure out the amount of water you  will need by filling up one of your ice pop moulds and pouring it into the jug as many times needed to fill all of the moulds. Infuse the water with some herbal teas just to give it some extra flavour(make sure that the water is hot when infusing the herbal teas). You don’t have to use herbal teas, you can use lemon or lime water or even some cordial instead.

2.Next, chop up all of your frozen fruit into small pieces.Place one large tablespoon of your fruit into each ice pop mould and then fill to the top with your liquid. Place the ice pop sticks in and then put the ice pops in the freezer overnight.

3.When taking the ice pops out of the mould I advise placing them in warm water for a few seconds first to loosen them.Then sit back in the sun and enjoy!2016-18-7--20-03-26.jpeg





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