Study Time !

School is back and that means exams are back too. Which means we are going to have to start studying again, yay fun… But seriously if you want to get good grades I feel that it helps to enjoy some part of studying , or at least not feel depressed when you have to sit at home after school with your face stuck in a book until something goes into your head! Or maybe what works for you,but that doesn’t work for most people anyway,believe me. I’ve probably tried most of the studying methods by now anyway, desperate to find a way to cram as many facts and essays into my head without forgetting it in half an hour, and I can safely say that sticking your face in a book and trying to soak up some information is the most boring and least effective method of them all!

So I have decided to share with you all my study knowledge that I think will be useful along your study journey. Hope it helps !


1.COLOUR-Colour is so important when studying!. Drawing little diagrams and highlighting keywords help me to remember things easier during tests and exams.

2.Don’t study on a bed or couch! I did this last year for a month or two and it was terrible. All I wanted to do each day after school was curl up in a ball and sleep on by bed. Needless to say, it wasn’t very effective.

3.FLASHCARDS-These small pieces of card a genius! They are really good for if you need some quick revision right before a test.Just write down key words, phrases or anything you feel like you might forget and look at them for a few minutes before you walk into the exam room.

4.Stay hydrated and have healthy snacks. Snacks like nuts and seeds or crackers are a really good thing to have while doing your homework and studying. Also having a glass of water beside you to drink while studying helps to keep your brain active and aware which will help with your memory.

5.Mini-tests- Test yourself! it can really show you what you need to improve on and what you know well. Close the book or copy over and ask yourself questions relating to the topic. If you get them wrong write them out and try them again in another few minutes.

And finally…

6.Exercise and have a positive attitude. Exercising after school is a really good way to clear your head before you start your homework and study. Afterschool sports are a good way to exercise or, I find  a 20-minute walk really helps to refresh my mind and helps you to focus.Having a positive attitude before going into a test or exam can help to boost your confidence, which can lead to higher grades!

Happy studying.



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