August Birchbox!

Last month as a present my Mum and Dad bought me a subscription to Birchbox. Eager to find out what it was, off I went and investigated. I was extremely happy when I found out it was an online monthly subscription service, based in New York City,that sends its subscribers  four or five different beauty related product samples each month.It usually bills you on the 1st, ships on the 10th and arrives around the 20th of each month.

So each day up until the arrival of my first Birchbox consisted of me checking and re-checking my email, waiting for my dispatch and delivery notification!

When that did happen and my Birchbox arrived I was extremely excited ,so I decided to share with you, my excitement in a monthly blog post showing you all of my latest Birchbox goodies!

Enjoy x


I use Parlour by Jeff Chastains  volumizing lifting spray for hair after a shower. I would half dry my hair and then spray this near my roots. I then  finish drying my hair with a blowdryer and style it as normal. This spray gives your hair more life and it also gives your hair a lovely shine.The only thing I would say about when using this product is to try and not spray too much of it on your hair as it can make it look slightly greasy,but overall a lovely hair product!





Merci handy black vanilla hand cleansing gel is most definitely my favourite item of the whole box!It smells amazing, kind of like a freshly baked vanilla cake that’s not too sweet!I also love how this gel feels on your hands and how it leaves your hand feeling refreshed yet it doesn’t leave a sticky residue after you have rubbed it in. Overall an amazing product!




Amie morning clear purifying facial wash is another really nice product. It is a mouse textured face wash which leaves your face feeling soft and clean.Although it doesn’t foam up when you use it, you can feel how clean it leaves your skin and it gives your face a lovely glow.




img_0842I also received a Marcelle waterproof eyeliner in the shade expresso as an extra gift in my Birchbox.It has really warm, iridescent tones and it is soft and easy to apply. It does take a little while for it to completely set but when it does it looks very neat and pretty.

Image result for nude face cleansers

And lastly this a nude perfect cleanse omega cleansing jelly is a gel that turns into a milk when added with water on your face.It is a daily cleanser that you massage onto dry skin. I found this cleansing jelly very effective as it took away  all of my makeup and left my face feeling properly cleaned.It is a really lovely product.



And that was my august Birchbox. I hope you enjoyed !




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