Changing Up My Foundation.



The foundation I was using previously had started drying out my skin and forming weird uneven patches on my on my face. Needless to say, it was time I changed my foundation.

The previous foundation I had used was benefits ‘hello flawless oxygen wow’.I had been using this foundation for over a year and I never had a problem with up until recently. It just hasn’t been doing the same job, constantly making my skin look dirty and dry.I was quite surprised at this because I have always found benefit makeup to be of excellent quality.

I decided to change my foundation and see if that’s what the problem was. I started looking around for different foundations and this Rimmel foundation received an excellent review by none other than the blogging queen, Zoe Sugg. On her youtube channel ‘Zoella’, she uploaded a video titled ‘my top drugstore and high street makeup picks’in which she gave Rimmel’s match perfection foundation a big thumbs up and recommended it to others.

So off I went to purchase it and I am definitely glad I did. Firstly there is a notable difference in price. Rimmel’s ‘match perfection foundation’ in the shade ivory is €10.49  and benefits ‘hello flawless oxygen wow’ in the shade ivory is €36.00. Obviously, I was already hoping I would love it because of how much I would be saving each month. Next, it gives your skin a really healthy glow and it blends in really well with your skin tone so it looks quite natural. It also reduces blemishes and dark circles and lasts all day.

I really like this foundation and will definitely be purchasing it again!

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