September Obsessions

This is the blog post where basically I talk to all of you about my random obsessions and favourite things each month. enjoy x

Enjoy x

My first obsession is glee.

Yes, glee, the show that aired its first episode in 2009 and finished last year.It is my newest and definitely most obsessed about obsession in a long time.This binge-worthy obsession came about during the summer when I decided to watch the pilot episode of glee. My love for the show quickly escalated and before I knew it I had watched all six seasons in about a month and a half.That is 121, 42-minute episodes which mean a full 85 hours of t.v!

I’ll admit it’s not my healthiest obsession ever but it’s definitely an enjoyable one. And my obsession doesn’t stop there either because I have started watching each season again. I’m on season 4 now for the second time and honestly, I enjoyed watching every episode so far for the second time just as much as the first time!Also, I have every glee album downloaded on my phone.(As I write this I am starting to realize that I might have a problem…)

I am most definitely a Gleek!

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My next obsession this month is Lovisa Earrings.

Recently I got a second piercing in my ears and ever since I have been experimenting and making new earring combinations. One of my favourite earring sets I own is my Lovisa stud set which was a present from my Mum and Dad. There was one particular pair of earrings that came with their own set of diamond dangle backs.

I had never worn a pair of dangle backs before so this was very exciting to try these and see how different to normal dangle earrings they were. They are just so dainty, cute and because they are just backs for earrings you can wear them with any earrings you like!

I love them so much that honestly, the only time I have changed these since I got them is when one of them fell out and I lost it for a day or two.(Don’t worry I found them and yes I was slightly distraught at the thought that I would never see them again!)

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Next is the Catrice Cosmetics Luxury Nudes satin shine nail polish in the shade ‘Dreamin’Bohemian.Is it wrong to say that you have fallen in love with a nail polish? Maybe… It is a lovely subtle nude shade but with

Is it wrong to say that you have fallen in love with a nail polish? Maybe… It is a lovely subtle nude shade but with an iridescent shimmer. It is lovely for everyday wear or for an occasion. It comes with a wide brush which I love in a nail polish because it just gives a more sleek, neat finish to your nails.



My last obsession this month is Merci Handy Black Vanilla Hand Gel. I recently had this item in my august Birchbox review and I just love it so much that I had to put it in my September obsessions too.

There is nothing I don’t like about this product apart from the fact that I’m going to have used it all very soon! It smells amazing and it leaves your  hands feeling so soft and hydrated . It also doesn’t give your hands the sticky, oily feeling that you usually have after using other hand gels!

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And that was my September monthly obsessions.

I hope you enjoyed x

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