Trends-Why Are They so Important To Us?

Does following a trend mean expressing your personality? Nope.

Does following a trend mean looking cool? people seem to think so anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I am partial to the odd trend here and there but why? What is so fascinating to us about looking or dressing exactly the same with little or no personal expression?

Why do we feel the need to all wear that same jacket or wear that same pair of shoes for two or three months until they are no longer the latest trend, then wanting to get that latest trend which has just surpassed our former obsessions?

Would it not be more interesting to walk into a shop and see a multitude of colours and styles for everyones individual styles?Instead, when we walk into a clothes shop we are met with a colour scheme and clothes similar or matching to the latest trends.

Then there’s the hair trends. The most recent one resulting in every second natural brunette you see walking along the street sporting a sort of zebra stripe blonde look because they wanted blond highlights and decided to do it themselves.

If I were to wear a dress or even a skirt and jumper into town I would definitely receive some of the weirdest stares and comments just because I don’t fit the stereotypical image of a teenage girl.People would actually think that I was going to a funeral or wedding just because I don’t have tracksuit bottoms or jeans on.Go society!Maybe that’s another thing to add to my list of why I am so socially awkward (if you haven’t already check out one of my previous blog post on me, that Socially Awkward Girl).

So what do you do? Do you wear the same clothes as everyone else, making us look like minions, or do you survive the stares and wear what you want to wear?

I think I’ll just survive the stares and wear what I want to sound like much less hassle anyway!

Jadie x

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