January 2017 Birchbox

The January Birchbox was filled with new beauty products to start the new year fresh.There were definitely some brand new to me products in this months box.

Sorry for the lateness with this Birchbox review!IMG_1518.JPG

The first thing I got in this month’s box in the Lord And Berry conceal-it crayon in beige.Concealer pencils are new to me because I am usually more of a liquid concealer kind of girl but I was pleasantly surprised by this concealer.It is very soft, making it easy to apply and it is very blendable using your fingertips or a blending brush.This concealer, I found, can also double as a subtle highlighter because of its creamy texture and light coverage. The coverage of this concealer is okay, although
it doesn’t completely get rid of those annoying and never welcome red spots!


img_1515Next, I got the Merci Handy hand cream in the fragrance flower power.This hand cream is not the first Merci Handy product I have received through Birchbox and my reaction to this hand cream was the exact same as my reaction to the Merci Handy hand gel in my August Birchbox review. I loved it! Who knew I could love hand care products so much? This hand cream is so simple yet effective.If only all skin care could be this easy.The tiny beads in the cream are not only extremely cute but they also leave your hands soft and cleansed, not to mention it smells amazing! Definitely a huge fan of Merci Handy.

IMG_1517.JPGAlso in this months box, I received the Absolution Le Nettoyant Pureté. This face cleanser does leave my face feeling fresh and clean but other than that I couldn’t find anything remarkably special about this cleanser that I couldn’t find in any other standard cleanser. Even though I can’t say this is my new holy grail for face care, it does smell lovely because of its chamomile and white willow extract.


img_1514Next, in the January box, I got The Kebelo clarifying shampoo. Detox for hair? Yes, please! I knew I would love this shampoo even before I tried it because I am one of those people whose hair tends to have a mind of its own most days. The idea of a treatment for my hair once or twice a month to cleanse and rebalance it was perfect and thankfully this shampoo lived up to the impossibly high standards I had set.I usually use a very generous amount of this shampoo (probably too generous) once a month whenever my hair just doesn’t want to co-operate with me and it really helps to tame it!

img_1516And lastly, in this box, I received the Rituals Hammam Body Mud. I don’t usually use skin products like these so it was interesting to see what the hype about these body muds was.It was quite relaxing and did make my skin feel smooth but I cannot see body muds being added to my daily skincare routine anytime soon although I will use it every now and them.



That was the January Birchbox review.Hope you enjoyed it.

Jadie x

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