Problematic Teenage Skin Pt2: Dry Skin

In my last blog post, I talked about how teenage skin has a tendency to change from oily to dry quite often. I wrote about the tips I have to combat oily skin so now in this post I’m going to talk about how I try to prevent dry skin.



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  • If you’re prone to dry skin make sure there is SPF’s in most of your skincare and makeup products, especially your foundation.
  • The higher the SPF the more your skin is protected from the sun.
  • SPF’s will also lock in moisture (which is always a good thing if your face feels like sandpaper!)
  • The foundation I am using at the moment has an SPF 20 is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.




  • I did mention this in my other post about oily skin, but exfoliating is key to Photo 06-07-2017, 16 45 04maintaining healthy, bright skin, regardless of your skin type.
  • It’s best to exfoliate at least once or twice a week.Dry skin is usually a buildup of dead skin cells so by exfoliating you can remove the dead skin cells and help prevent dry skin.


⇒Moisturising face masks

  • If your skin is constantly dry, like mine was a while back, then I would advise using a moisturising based face mask.
  • These face masks are designed to intensively re-hydrate your skin.
  • The mask that I used is KEEOME Hydration Therapy Mask. It’s amazing.My face really did feel properly hydrated after it and it left my skin looking bright and healthy.


⇒Warm Water Not Hot Water

  • If your skin is feeling quite dry then use warm water when washing your face, not hot water!
  • Warm water makes it easier to wash your face and relax your pores but hot water can cause your skin to dry out quicker.


They are my tips on dry skin and how to lessen it. I hope it’s helpful.


Jadie x

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