Review: Catrice Cosmetics Victorian Poetry Eyeshadow Palette

This cute little palette is first of all limited edition and who doesn’t love a little something limited edition! There is definitely something extra special about owning a limited product.

Anyway, aside from the fact that this palette is limited edition, it is also one of, if not my favourite eyeshadow palettes at the moment.It is just perfect for everyday subtle looks but it can also be used for more elegant evening looks.It is just overall a really lovely palette!

I think if I had to say something slightly negative about this product it would be that the shades do not have their own names.Obviously, this is not going to affect the makeup itself, but I do find it that bit easier sometimes if the shades have particular names.Photo 15-07-2017, 12 28 25.jpg

The eyeshadows themselves are super pigmented and each one has a lovely glittery glow off them.My favourite of the shades would be No.2 because it has really warm pinky tones and I just think it looks so perfect!!!

Photo 13-07-2017, 17 43 24

Jadie x

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