Review: NIP+FAB Kale Fix Clay Mask

Okay so before a few days ago I hadn’t ever tried a NIP+FAB product and now, after trying this mask, I think I want to try them all!I was so impressed by the quality of this mask.

Apart from the fact that it seems to be lasting forever (seriously though I have used it countless times now and it still seems to be full!), it basically does everything it says it does and more.It has a super smooth formula that is really easily applied, although I did find that its sets quite quickly which makes it hard to apply more without it crumbling, so definitely apply it quickly!

It has a really fresh scent and kind of smells like you just rubbed a salad on your face(which means you’re being healthy…kind of)! It says to leave it on your face 5-10 minutes but sometimes I forget I have it on my face and it could still be there an hour later(oops).You only have to apply a thin layer of it to your face, so like mentioned before, it lasts forever!!!

I have most definitely seen an improvement in the condition of my skin since I have started using this mask. It has reduced the number of spots and blemishes on my face but also leaves my skin hydrated with a really healthy glow.

Sometimes it actually makes my skin so soft that I just walk around touching my face(yes I am aware this makes me look like a crazy person and it is really bad for my skin but sometimes I can’t help it!)

If you have dry, breakout prone skin I would definitely give this mask a go!

Jadie x

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