Ways To Deal With Back To School Anxiety

It is that horrible time of year again (Ugh school) and for any of you who go to school, you will understand the sense of impending doom (well maybe for some people it’s not that bad but for me, it definitely feels like that!) There are so many small things to be anxious about that don’t feel so small when you’re the one worried about them; worried about who to sit with at lunch, who to talk to, who to sit beside on the bus, how difficult school work will be…The list could go on forever!!!

It’s okay to be a little nervous now and then, it’s normal even, but sometimes these nerves can become too much and you might not know how to deal with it *cue random tears probably blamed on hormones.Ever happen to you?I’m definitely guilty.It doesn’t matter if your clinically diagnosed with anxiety or not, everyone feels anxious sometimes!

I have only recently been able to understand when I am anxious and how to deal with it and thank god I did because I’d be an even bigger mess of emotions than I already am if I hadn’t !I’m also not a master of controlling my emotions when I get nervous or anxious so I still have times when I have random tear moments, but I have found some ways to deal with it.

1.The first thing I have found that helps me is talking to someone.Everyone always says this but I don’t think some people know how had it can be sometimes to just talk to someone about the things that are bothering you. It is hard sometimes but no matter how hard it’s better, in the long run, to share things and not keep them a secret.Even if that person can’t make all your problems go away by snapping their fingers, they will be able to help you deal with them.


pic1_edited (2)2.Another thing that helps me is music.I can’t play an instrument or sing to save my life but listening to music has always calmed me.It doesn’t necessarily have to be calm music, it could be the loudest rock music ever, but listening to my music always calms me.Make a playlist on your phone to play if you ever feel nervous. I promise it works!

3. Lastly, another thing that calms me is drawing.Whatever hobbies or past times you enjoy like sports, reading, writing, Binge-watching(yes please, I’m practically a binge watching master), or art.Believe me doing something you enjoy when you’re nervous is a really good way of relaxing and forgetting about things you don’t want to…EHEM SCHOOL!

And that is all of the wise and wonderful wisdom I can part on you relating to the topics of anxiety and school…neither of which anyone really likes!

Anyway, I hope this was helpful for anyone nervous about going back to school or about any problems in general 🙂

Jadie x

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