Dear Diary…Stop wasting time !!

Before I start I just want to admit to something first…I am actually the queen of procrastination.This is fact and I have accepted it, but there is a line between procrastinating and straight up not doing anything…at all…ever! And that is what I feel like lately.
Despite a large number of to-do lists and checklists I’ve made…or even the terrifyingly large mountain shaped pile on my desk compiled of clothes, books, makeup and probably all the failed attempts at to-do lists, I never seem to be getting anything done.No matter how many times I attempt to clean up, work on projects for school or even write I never seem to get anywhere.Anyone else have this problem? (please say yes, it might make me feel a bit better about myself).
So anyway, the purpose of this mini-rant is to somehow find out how I can change this problem and maybe it might help some of you as well!
I think the only way to figure out why I’m so unproductive lately is to think back a month or two ago to when I found myself in a really productive place -I envy my month ago self – and figure out why and how badly I’m messing up my days?

1. Sleep
Okay I’m not going to list off tips like a stereotypical Youtube video such as “ten ways to rid your life of all badness forever and become an actual unicorn”…*ahem clickbait* or the standard “Become an immortal billionaire with these five steps”. Stop with the false hope… it takes more than 10 steps to be a unicorn(duh, everyone knows that).
I’m not dissing Youtubers or their videos because there are some really good videos and really talented people out there (plus I’m also kind of a youtube addict), all I’m saying is that if we were to take everyone’s word for it and try to live up to some of these unrealistic lifestyles that are sometimes portrayed by people it could have the opposite effect than what you actually want. Instead of becoming productive and living a better lifestyle, you could end up losing faith and motivation because you can’t keep up with what these videos suggest you do.In saying that, if you’re following a Youtubers routine or tips and it’s working for you, go you!
Back to what I was actually supposed to write before I got distracted and sidetracked to another topic (as usual), I have found myself lately not sleeping as much as I used to.I used to make a point of going to sleep no later than 10pm so that I would have had a full 8 hours sleep by the time my alarm went of at 6, but that’s not the case anymore.It’s now usually around 11 or 12 by the time I get to sleep and I can’t seem to wake up properly in the mornings at all. I hate it because I used to look forward to each morning when I would get up early and start off the day well, but now I dread it because I never want to get out of bed.
So I have decided to make a conscious effort to try and rectify this mistake by waking up earlier and getting proper amounts of sleep each night.Hopefully, this will make an improvement in my productivity each day!

2. Proper eating.avacado
Even though it was Halloween a few days ago and yes I did eat copious amounts of crap, I really haven’t been eating that great lately anyway. I’m not a die-hard avocado obsessed health guru who only drinks green juice and has a strict no carb, no sugar, no fats so basically only eat air diet, I eat all of those things but I haven’t been eating as well as I should lately.
And I do feel that is having a very negative effect on me and my ability to be motivated to do things and get the most out of every day.So there is another thing I’m going to try and make an effort to change.

It’s very rare I’m not this ray of sunshine, sitting here writing about rainbows and unicorns…joking…Sarcasm is second nature to me. It’s not uncommon for me to get comments from friends and family saying I can be very sarcastic, negative and quiet, but of course, they mean it in a loving, compassionate kind of way…I hope. I can be very optimistic when I want to be but sometimes my inner pessimistic side can take over and believe me I do not hold back.
I am starting to realise though that maybe my negativity could be a major reason as to why I’m lacking motivation lately, so I am trying to be a more positive person *keyword TRYING*.
And there we go.I really did not expect to write as much as I did on this topic but I guess I had a lot more to say that I thought I did. I’m going to try work on myself now to improve my motivation and really try to make the most of every day.
I’d love to hear if any of you have been feeling similar to me lately or if you have in the past and found ways to improve your motivation somehow!
Don’t forget to leave a comment or even email me @ to chat more about all of that word stuff that you just read above (oh how poetic of me).

Jadie x

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