Dear Diary…Winter Mornings and Peace?

There is just something so magical about waking up early to a frosty, bright morning with bare branches holding countless little birds all enjoying the peace.
The grass glistening with dew, deep shadows cast, dead leaves gently blowing across the path and clouds, as if in perfect harmony, all aligned and moving through the clear blue sky.
No wonder morning walks are loved by so many. As I sit here writing and admiring the natural beauty of this morning, I can’t help but wonder why and how we forget how about all of this when we are so wrapped up in our own lives.
Why do we value money more than happiness?…Success more than love and friendship?…Revenge more than peace?
I’m not saying that everyone should give up work and no longer aim for success because that definitely wouldn’t end well, but if we were to care a little less about our material lives and more about the people and beauty around us I wonder how much stress and hardship could we eliminate from our lives.


I like this quote because of the irony it now holds in today’s world.For example, Trump creating a travel ban or building a wall to try and keep the peace in America and eliminate all terrorism and destruction is straight up foolish. He see’s peace as something he can control with power but in actual fact by using force he is creating more upset and violence not only for America but for everyone.
It is because of Trump’s lack of understanding that he is unable to create the right kind of peace needed for his country. Setting the example that the people who are of even a slight difference to you whether it be ethnicity, gender, sexuality or even people of differing opinion to your own are to be treated with less than your utmost respect has created a sense of turmoil instead of bringing peace.
Mini Donald Trump-related rant over!
Anyway, aside from calling out the faults of one man known by millions of his reckless decisions and disrespect, he isn’t the only one how could learn a thing or two from this quote. We all could. Trump is just an excellent example because of how colossal his mistakes are…okay that’s my last hit against him, I hope.
I am starting to realise this post is becoming more political and philosophical than I had anticipated…oops!

So back to the more lighthearted part of the post about how magical winter mornings are, I really think we are missing out when we decide to sleep in and wake up 10 minutes too late for work, school or college telling ourselves we have loads of time and because we needed those extra few minutes sleep to function like a partially normal human being…

My advice, I suppose, after 400 words of complete nonsense is to at least try once a week to wake up earlier to just enjoy the mornings ( but I’d also advise trying not to walk out of bed and straight into a door frame like I have done…multiple times…this week ).

And that was basically just a stream of consciousness that I decided to write down to share with you all. I hope you enjoyed 🙂

Jadie x

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