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Happy New Year Everyone !!!Capture5

As its the new year I feel the sudden urge to write down hundreds of completely unrealistic and totally unmanagable resolutions that I will inevitably, after a month or so, have given up on or forgotten about. I think its just the vicious cycle of resolutions.

But as I sit to write down yet another list of how I’m going to in essence take over the world, I decide against it.

Instead, this year, I will attempt something different. Approach resolutions as something other than a challenge or a rule I have to follow. In a weekly post, I plan to write about different things that I have found to be helpful for staying organised, health, fitness etc. I’ll include things like pictures( both mine and inspirational ones I find online), tips, recipes that I’ve tried and enjoyed, things that I find difficult and probably some random thoughts.

Capture5So basically a constant weekly reminder to try, your hardest, live life to the fullest, stay healthy and all the other cliche life aspirations ❤

So to start off this weeks post here is one of my favourite quotes to read if I ever need that little bit of motivation (which is most of the time!).


It’s very straightforward but also very true !!!!

Now, I don’t play sports as that usually results in me facedown on the grass, court, road or wherever I’ve attempted to play anything, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to be active. I do love going for a walk but sometimes just walking can leave you feeling like you aren’t getting any results, so I also love working out, or rather I love the feeling you have after you do a workout. I always have so much motivation afterwards and just feel so fresh.

My favourite place to find workout videos is on youtube( there is literally hundreds of thousands!). My favourite channel to find workout videos is Rebecca Louise because her videos are just perfect for if you’re not athletic at all but you still want results.

I would definitely recommend checking her out as far as workouts go but if you have any other workouts you like, please feel to leave them in the comments below! I will also leave a link to Rebecca Louise’s Channel down below if anyone wants to check her out.Capture5

And finally this week I’m going to challenge myself to drink 3500ml of water each day! I feel like I don’t think enough water every day so I really want to see what difference it would make if I were to stick to my goal.

So that’s it for this weeks ‘It’s A Lifestyle’ post! Id love to hear if any of you guys have any resolutions or even if you think you’ll find these posts helpful or motivational x

Don’t forget to leave a comment or even email me – to chat anything I’ve said above ❤

Jadie x

Rebecca Louise 

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