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It has officially been a week since wrote the first ‘Its A Lifestyle’ post and committed to a weekly series post along with my usual posts, and I have to say there is something oddly comforting knowing that you have to write on a certain topic each week. It kind of keeps me motivated to write more in a way. But enough babble and let’s get into the actual topic of the post shall we…

Firstly a little warning. As we were coming off the bacropped-capture51.pngck of the Christmas festivities, there seemed to be an unusually large surplus of chocolate at my disposal which, although I had the very valid excuse that the only way to get rid of it was to eat it, was not very helpful for the new year healthy eating plan. In hindsight though, looking back at the diet choices I made this week, maybe it is possible for one person to eat too many biscuits…

But aside from the below average diet, I did manage to drink quite a bit of water which I was very happy with. I also found that if I was feeling a bit tired or just lazy, just having a glass of water really did give me a boost of energy and help me to get up and do things.

Something I really want to highlight this week was something I have started to learn about and put into practice over the past few weeks is Happiness. Honestly, you would not believe the difference just becoming more genuinely happy has had an effect on the quality of my life recently. To give you an example…Image result for happinessword tumblr

A little while back I was with my best friend in school and we were just walking and having a conversation and next thing a few of our friends came up behind us and we all started talking and laughing. Now usually I will talk and talk and talk to my best friend but when others join the conversation I tend to just fade away and listen instead of join in, but this time when our friends came up I was already in a very happy, giddy mood and so when they started talking I joined in. I laughed, joked and just started to really become genuinely happy and comfortable in myself( which is really weird for me when I’m in school because I have nothing but hate for the place!!).

After we finished the conversation and went our different ways to class, my best friend turned to me and literally told me that I had changed in a good way. She told me that before, I would have just quietly whispered things to her during the conversation and sat there but today I was so confident and happy. She did also say, joking, that she was part of the reason I was more social and outgoing was because of her and that is true. I’ve only been best friends with her for almost a year now, but she is the perfect example of how surrounding yourself with good people is important. She always makes me talk to people( which I hate) or do things I don’t want to do because I’m a bit anti-social, but I am very thankful to her for that.

Anyway, back to Happiness and what I said above, surrounding yourself with amazing people like I do with my family and friends, will have a positive effect on you personally. I think positive living and genuine happiness is, at the moment, one of the most important things for me to work on not only just for me but for the people around me. I don’t want to end up one big ball of negativity that drains my family all the time. I want to add to their lives with positive energy rather than take away from them with constant negativity. And I have to say I think I’m doing a pretty good job of being happy and confident lately.

Sorry for the lack of pictures this week but I promise for next weeks ‘ It’s a Lifestyle’ post I will have lots !!

Are there any personal skills that you want to build or improve on this year? Id love to know so don’t forget to leave a comment down below or even go to the lets talk section of my blog to start a conversation!!!

As always,

❤ All love is appreciated ❤


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