Its a Lifestyle •3•

   ◊◊Too much pizza and random fireworks◊◊


Another weekly post on time?!? Who is this new me?

Although my blog post may be on time, I cant guarantee I had the healthiest week this week. But it wasn’t all bad! I have been on holidays all week and so the eating healthy part was slightly harder to maintain when you are faced with the option to have pizza almost every day! No joke I think if I eat any more pizza I might actually turn into one…

But on the other hand, I think I have walked more in the past seven days than I did all of last year! (let’s pretend I was joking about that…). I have a Fitbit so it can track my steps and each day this week when I have exceeded my target of 10,000 steps, I have celebrated by randomly shouting fireworks in the middle of the street to celebrate.There is a mildly valid reason for that by the way. Once you hit 10,000 steps, the Fitbit screen vibrates and lights up with little white fireworks…hence the reason for me shouting fireworks.

And if you were to do the maths:

An unhealthy amount of pizzas – lots of swimming × a hella lot of walking =Kind of sort of a healthyish week.

So to conclude: Pizza is good for you…




Okay so aside from the eating and exercising part of my week I wanted to also focus on something different in this post.

For the past two or three months, before I went on holidays, I had been having continuous breakouts on my face and I had just about given up on trying to prevent then and just attempt to cover up my face with makeup, but since going on holidays my face has cleared up almost like magic.

And yes I know its partly from the sun that I have been lying in all week( and I’m not suggesting everyone go on holidays when they have a breakout because I think we can mostly all agree that that would be a lot of holidays a year…I mean a lot!!!) but even just going a few days without putting any makeup on at all and just cleansing has really helped.In the past week, I have only worn makeup once and even when I was applying my foundation looked and felt so smooth and perfect.

So what I’m trying to say is that having a skin detox now and then as well as the normal body detox is something I would most definitely recommend!

And finally as promised from the last post, some pictures from this week…



I will post a separate post later in the week full of holiday pics so keep an eye out for that!

Do you have any detox tips, questions or have an unhealthy addiction to pizza? I’d love to know so don’t forget to leave a comment down below or even go to the let’s talk section of my blog to start a conversation!!!

As always,

❤ All love is appreciated ❤


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