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Routines and lots of food◊


At the end of summer last year, I started a new routine just in time for going back to school. Every morning I would wake up at 6( which was an hour before I used to get up) and I would go downstairs and do a quick 10 minute back to school workout.

It was nothing too strenuous or difficult but it definitely woke me up at 6 in the morning and almost immediately after I started this routine of doing these workouts in the morning, I noticed how much energy I had gained every day by just doing this one simple thing. It made me feel happy and a lot less tired afterwards and throughout the rest of the day. I kept up this routine until around halfway through November when I found it harder each morning to get up and workout because of how cold and dark it was getting. So last week after coming back from holidays, I decided to suck it up and start working out again, Aaaaand I have successfully woken up at 6 and gotten out of bed for my workouts all week (apart from Saturday because I forgot to set my alarm…oops).

I have honestly had so much energy in the past week it feels weird. I actually forgot how good it can make you feel and how it really sets you up for the whole day. Anyone else love waking up early because of how much energy it can give you?

So apart from exercise, this week has been my healthiest week by far in relation to food, since the start of the year.

Each morning I have had a warm bowl of porridge with fruit, nuts, seeds and honey. I even have a picture of it from one of the mornings just because it is so delicious and I wanted you all to see just how good it looks.20180121_174858.jpgIt doesn’t always look that perfect, I had a little extra time that morning, but either way it still tastes so good.

I have also realized this week that most times after dinner I look for something sweet to eat. I thought it was going to be one of those terrible habits that would take ages to try and break but then I realised that not all sweet things are unhealthy. Instead of looking for chocolate I could have fruit instead or instead of wanting sweets for that sugary aftertaste I could just have a piece of chewing gum or even a healthy cereal bar. So we don’t have to cut things we like out of our lives completely if they are unhealthy, we just need to find a healthier alternative that will do the same thing.

So is there any tips on healthy eating or recipes you have that you would like to share? Any unconventional ways of giving yourself energy that you think might be helpful to others?

I’d love to know so don’t forget to leave a comment down below or even go to the let’s talk section of my blog to start a conversation!!!

As always,

❤ All love is appreciated ❤


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