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The end of the month already?!?! How has January gone by that quickly?

I will admit though that this week was pretty average, I didn’t eat too healthly or unhealthly, I didn’t do too much or too little exercise, it was all just very average. And because of my average week, when I went to sit down and write this post I felt a bit down about how little I had done this week and lacked any and all motivation and inspiration. I had drawn a blank. Then I realized that the very thing I lacked was the perfect subject to write about.


We would all love to have constant motivation 24/7, do everything we intend to do and more but that is easier said than done. Sometimes things don’t go to plan which can deflate your motivation, leaving it harder to do other things you had planned, either pushing them back until the next day or just branding them as unnecessary and forgetting about them.

I think motivation is something we should learn to control and use to our advantage instead of unexpectedly being given a burst of motivation, lasting a number of hours until it dwindles out, leaving us once again in that rut.

So in saying that, what does give us motivation?

1.For me setting goals and writing out these goals is one of the best ways to give yourself a constant flow of motivation throughout the day, but try not to overloads yourself with different tasks because sometimes that could lead to you giving up and having no motivation at all.

2.Self Praise and Positive Affirmations: Up until recently, these were a taboo subject for many because people saw them as being egotistical or vain but really a little bit of self-praise goes a long way. Just even telling yourself “you can do this” every so often can really boost your motivation and give you that extra bit of self-confidence.

3.Music: This might not be for everyone but I know myself that sometimes the right song or music can put me in a very positive mood and almost make me want to get up and do everything I have been needing to do in the past week. It actually surprises me sometimes the power certain music has on my mood. So if your the same as me playlists should be your best friend for times when you just need some motivation.

4. Rest: You might think that rest is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve, but the truth is if you don’t rest every now again you will burn out completely. Your body can only go on for so long before it has had enough and needs a rest and if you don’t allow it to rest or don’t recognize rest as something vital then you are setting yourself up to crash.

Do you have any unique ways to motivate yourself that you think might help others?

I’d love to know so don’t forget to leave a comment down below or even go to the let’s talk section of my blog to start a conversation!!!

As always,

❤ All love is appreciated ❤


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