The Most Common Reasons To Why You Find It Hard To Focus

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are sitting peacefully pairing socks, thinking about what you are going to eat for lunch and 45 minutes later you find yourself still sitting there, odd socks in hand but no intention of pairing them because you have just about solved the reason behind the spot of dirt on your neighbours window that always remains even after they have been cleaned?

In other words have you ever lost focus?

The answer is most likely yes, but if you haven’t ever lost focus in the entirety of you existence to this point in your life then please, tell the rest of us the secret.

Daydreamers, over thinkers, people who probably don’t think as much as they should and everyone in between.We all, at some point drift off and become distant subconsciously allowing ourselves to worry about everything we regret, stress about everything we have yet to do or complain about everything we have not yet accomplished.

So before we try to become focused human beings, what are the reasons we lose focus and some of the most common habits of unfocused people?

1.Attention to detail.

While yes it is important to do every thing to the best of your ability and put all your effort into everything you do, sometimes our attention to detail habits get the best of us.

If you feel as though you have weeks to complete a task or assignment, you dive in straight away and strive to make whatever it is you are doing the best damn thing anyone has ever seen. Cross all the t’s, dot all the i’s and just about do everything in between. Go you, your ambition is admirable, but sometimes it is possible to get lost in the details. You end up way behind in everything else you were supposed to do because you got sucked into your task, thought you had an abundance of time but, before you know it, time is up and you are left with something that started out amazing but ended up being rushed and panicked, along with having a mountain of other tasks that you ignored unintentionally because you were so focused on one thing.

So it’s advisable to do everything to the best of your ability but, if you have spare time you can always opt to come back to you task to add that extra bit of detail.

Focus on the end game, completing your tasks.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are the people who leave everything to the last-minute…


You can create all the lists you want, plan your to-do list strategy or even worry about everything imaginable but it isn’t going to matter at all if you procrastinate.

Saying you are going to do something and actually doing it are two completely different things, and the line is drawn at the point where you procrastinate.

Procrastination is every persons downfall if you let it be. If you let it, procrastination will run your life for you. You will always be doing something but never be getting anything done. It will tire you out constantly and make you feel as if there is never an end to the list of things you have to do.

The reason for this is because you are tip-toeing around the main thing you have to do, the thing that is weighing you down most, and doing other less important or meaningless tasks. You will constantly be doing things, housework, study, assignments, but you will never be getting anywhere you want to go because in the back of your mind there is that main thing you want or need to.

But instead of doing it, you procrastinate.

3.Being late

Running late for a meeting, work, school? Your mind will begin to lose focus, thinking about excuses to tell, reasons to why you are late, people to blame for you being late, what you should have done but didn’t do and just about everything else.

Whatever the reason you are late; you underestimated how long it takes to get from A to B, you started doing something you couldn’t finish before be had to leave, procrastinating or you just lost track of time, being late will lead to you losing focus  on the task at hand.

4.Allowing distractions.

You are probably aware of some of the distractions in your life such as phones and social media, but there are probably hundreds other distractions in your own life your don’t even realize exist.

These distractions are detrimental to your mental focus so pinpointing them in your own life is the best way to irradiate them but one thing everyone does that has a very negative effect on your focus is…Multitasking.

Believing our brain ability to focus on multiple tasks at one time is false. Multitasking, contrary to popular belief, effects productivity in a negative way. It takes a little while for your brain to change its focus completely from one task to another, so by doing multiple tasks at one time creates confusion and our focus dwindles, impacting our productivity levels.

So when we multitask and believe we are being productive, what we are actually doing is creating confusion our brain, effecting our ability to focus.

So now that we have outlined what affects our ability to focus, how do we go about fixing it and improving our focus?

To properly gain and maintain mental focus, you have to train your mind as if it were any other muscle in your body.

Simple changes and exercises each day can gradually improve your mind and focus until you are at a place where you are content with your ability to focus.

The key is to take it slow because diving in head first, doing extreme mind exercises all day will inevitably end with you giving up because you can’t maintain this level of extreme training routines in your day-to-day life.

If you want to find out the best ways to change these habits then click here to read Simple ways to Train Your Mind to Focus

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