Move Over Avocado… There Are New Super Foods for 2018

While some of us are busy consuming copious quantities of avocado, quinoa and all the other super food sensations of 2017, others are already discovering some unheard of and possibly absurd new food miracles for us to eat. So what are they..?Image result for superfoods

  1. Edible Clay.

Gone are the days when people used clay for our skin and hair. This is 2018, the year people willingly ingest clay. So why are people eating clay? What do they hope to gain? And are there any side effects to this unusual appetizer?

Experts have said that ingesting certain clay can help to balance the gut microbiome, remove toxins and parasites and internally cleanses the body. One of the best and most beneficial clay is thought to be Bentonite clay. It is known to be rich in minerals such as silica, sodium, copper, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

That all sounds pretty remarkable but, before you go filling yourself with clay, there are some possible side effects and it is advisable to seek information and guidance from health professionals. Some of the side effects are said to include damage to the lungs and it could affect the digestive system. So… might hold off on eating clay for a while.

2. Kelp.Image result for kelp

This probably isn’t as absurd as clay, but kelp still makes it on the list of up and coming super foods of 2018.

Kelp is a type of brown seaweed that grows in nutrient rich, shallow salt water. You can eat Kelp cooked, raw, powdered or in supplements. One of the main reasons kelp is considered a super food is because of its high mineral content.

As it grows in a marine environment it absorbs surrounding nutrients such as enzymes, minerals, content which is essential to maintaining healthy thyroid function and metabolism.


Yes you read that right, people have started adding crickets to their diet.

They have been found to contain high levels of calcium, therefore they are a great calcium source for people who can’t have dairy.

Cricket protein powder is high in vitamins and mineral, it also contains B12 and iron so there is nothing better than to have a big ice-cold cricket shake in the morning as soon as you wake up…

So they are just some of the ‘super foods’ people have taken to eating so far this year. Something to keep in mind though if you are skeptical about eating crickets or clay, no one said all super foods taste nice!

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