It’s A Lifestyle •5•

The end of the month already?!?! How has January gone by that quickly? I will admit though that this week was pretty average, I didn't eat too healthly or unhealthly, I didn't do too much or too little exercise, it was all just very average. And because of my average week, when I went to sit down and... Continue Reading →

Its a Lifestyle •4•

◊◊Routines and lots of food◊◊   At the end of summer last year, I started a new routine just in time for going back to school. Every morning I would wake up at 6( which was an hour before I used to get up) and I would go downstairs and do a quick 10 minute... Continue Reading →

Its a Lifestyle •3•

   ◊◊Too much pizza and random fireworks◊◊   Another weekly post on time?!? Who is this new me? Although my blog post may be on time, I cant guarantee I had the healthiest week this week. But it wasn't all bad! I have been on holidays all week and so the eating healthy part was slightly... Continue Reading →

It’s A Lifestyle •2•

It has officially been a week since wrote the first 'Its A Lifestyle' post and committed to a weekly series post along with my usual posts, and I have to say there is something oddly comforting knowing that you have to write on a certain topic each week. It kind of keeps me motivated to... Continue Reading →

Its A Lifestyle •1•

Happy New Year Everyone !!! As its the new year I feel the sudden urge to write down hundreds of completely unrealistic and totally unmanagable resolutions that I will inevitably, after a month or so, have given up on or forgotten about. I think its just the vicious cycle of resolutions. But as I sit to... Continue Reading →

Socially Awkward

Why is is that every time I am confronted, asked a question or even referenced it a conversation I loose all human ability to talk like a normal person and my whole face goes a bright shade of red? Why is it that being able to recite a whole speech or essay doesn't matter when the time... Continue Reading →

Autumn Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes

I'm always looking for a good excuse to make and eat yummy treats so I decided how better to enjoy this cold,colorful season then by baking and most importantly eating delicious seasonal cakes! These deliciously spiced pumpkin cupcakes I have made were made from an amazing recipe from The Scran Line. Here's how to make them: Firstly you will need:... Continue Reading →

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