Study Time !

School is back and that means exams are back too. Which means we are going to have to start studying again, yay fun... But seriously if you want to get good grades I feel that it helps to enjoy some part of studying , or at least not feel depressed when you have to sit... Continue Reading →


Ultimate Eton Mess

Cream, strawberries, and meringue. What more could you ask for in the perfect dessert? In this recipe, I will explain how to make all those things taste even better together in the ULTIMATE ETON MESS!!! For The Meringues   Ingredients 4 large eggs   8oz of caster sugar   a pinch of salt   food... Continue Reading →

Summer Fruit Tea Pops

During summer on those very hot sunny days,  it's always nice to have a refreshing treat to cool down with.These ice pops are perfect for that!And as a bonus, they count as one of your five a day!         what you need. ice pop moulds frozen berries and fruit of your choice... Continue Reading →

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