The Most Common Reasons To Why You Find It Hard To Focus

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are sitting peacefully pairing socks, thinking about what you are going to eat for lunch and 45 minutes later you find yourself still sitting there, odd socks in hand but no intention of pairing them because you have just about solved the reason behind the... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary…Winter Mornings and Peace?

There is just something so magical about waking up early to a frosty, bright morning with bare branches holding countless little birds all enjoying the peace. The grass glistening with dew, deep shadows cast, dead leaves gently blowing across the path and clouds, as if in perfect harmony, all aligned and moving through the clear... Continue Reading →

Dear Diary…Stop wasting time !!

Before I start I just want to admit to something first...I am actually the queen of procrastination.This is fact and I have accepted it, but there is a line between procrastinating and straight up not doing all...ever! And that is what I feel like lately. Despite a large number of to-do lists and checklists... Continue Reading →

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