Ahead of its IPO, Spotify Assures Wall Street of Profitable year ahead

The streaming service has said that it predicts this year will be a really good year for them with the prospect that sub numbers and margins going will go up and operating losses will shrink. As Spotify prepares to go public next week, it shares its goals and predictions for 2018 with Wall Street. The... Continue Reading →

Dropbox Shares Jump 36% on its NASDAQ Debut, Biggest Tech IPO Since Snapchat

Dropbox started 10 years ago as a small startup in the San Francisco-based Y Combinator incubator program but as the company went public Friday its shares not only soared, they also became the biggest tech IPO since Snapchat’s in March 2017. Dropbox ended its first day of trading, boasting an impressive market valuation of around $10 billion.... Continue Reading →

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