The Most Common Reasons To Why You Find It Hard To Focus

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are sitting peacefully pairing socks, thinking about what you are going to eat for lunch and 45 minutes later you find yourself still sitting there, odd socks in hand but no intention of pairing them because you have just about solved the reason behind the... Continue Reading →


Syrian Death Toll Rises, Nearing 500

UN secretary-general has described the current situation for civilians in the midst of Syria's civil war as "Hell on earth". With a constant stream of bombing raids taking place in eastern Ghouta, the remaining medical professionals and doctors are struggling to keep up and treat the steady growth of patients and civilians needing medical attention.... Continue Reading →

It’s A Lifestyle •5•

The end of the month already?!?! How has January gone by that quickly? I will admit though that this week was pretty average, I didn't eat too healthly or unhealthly, I didn't do too much or too little exercise, it was all just very average. And because of my average week, when I went to sit down and... Continue Reading →

Its a Lifestyle •4•

◊◊Routines and lots of food◊◊   At the end of summer last year, I started a new routine just in time for going back to school. Every morning I would wake up at 6( which was an hour before I used to get up) and I would go downstairs and do a quick 10 minute... Continue Reading →

Its a Lifestyle •3•

   ◊◊Too much pizza and random fireworks◊◊   Another weekly post on time?!? Who is this new me? Although my blog post may be on time, I cant guarantee I had the healthiest week this week. But it wasn't all bad! I have been on holidays all week and so the eating healthy part was slightly... Continue Reading →

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